What We Create Matters!

With a production crew in our pockets (our phones!), we are all creators. This means we all have a shared responsibility to ensure that what we put out into the world makes a difference in a positive way. In turn, Creator.org has a mission to advocate for education around the following issues: 

Media Literacy

Media literacy can mean different things to different people, but to us it means access to an education that not only teaches people about digital and social media, but also how to leverage them for practical purposes, like building a career! 


We are living in an unprecedented age where youth have access to mobile devices and the internet at younger and younger ages. In turn, the traditional bullying scenario has evolved into the digital landscape. We must do more to educate our youth about the implications of cyber-bullying.

Disinformation (aka... Fake News)

Determine which news sources are trustworthy or not, or which pieces of content are truthful or genuine is becoming harder and harder every day. And this is only the beginning as new technologies that can reproduce faces and voices in full motion videos are becoming widely available.

About Us

Creator.org is a community for creators to learn, grow, and ultimately give back to the community in a productive and meaningful way. 

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